Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dominic Moore - Who is he? What's he worth?

So Dominic Moore wants $2.5-3 million according to a lot of reports. And Burke says the two sides are about $1 million apart on a new contract which means Burke feels Moore is worth $1.5-2 million range. Burke is right, that's fair for Moore. Who is Dominic Moore?

Moore is a really good 3rd line centre. He's put up 41 pts through 3/4's of the season so far. So he's on pace for about 50-55 points. Moore has been playing all year with the teams top scorer, Jason Blake (50 pts on the season), and the two of them have been playing their 5 on 5 time for the most part against other teams 2nd and 3rd lines, as the Antropov-Stajan line has been up against the top lines. This is something people don't consider when they look at Moore's production. Antropov is the one matched against Vinny and St.Louis, while Moore faces Malone and Recchi. Antropov is the one matched up against Ovechkin while Moore gets Victor Kozlov etc. Not to take away from Moore's accomplishments this season, his grit and leadership have been a big asset to the team, but his salary demands are making him a little delusional.

How many 3rd line centres make up around $3 million per season? How many players who play that role are really worth it? Who are the "best" 3rd line centres in the league? You look at guys like Madden, Draper, and Pahlsson as the cream of checking line centres and these are the only guys worth $3 million per year in a checking role. Bobby Holik and Mike Peca once were in that category too, and there might be a couple others I'm overlooking but that's it. Dominic Moore is good but he's not Kris Draper. Period. And if Drapes and Pahlsson, and Madden are the best at what these types of players do and they're making that money, what's Moore really worth?

I think a fair offer for Moore would be 4 years, $7 million ($1.75 million per season). Brian Burke's price range is about right. And memo to Dominic Moore, you are not Kris Draper. The end.

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