Sunday, May 31, 2009

RFA's to Target (Leafs perspective)

First of all I hate the idea of targeting RFA's. I like it, but so many people have a misconception that you can land a really great young player by maybe overpaying a little in terms of dollars. But the fact is, you always will overpay huge in compensatory draft picks.

Anyway's for fun here are some RFA's I would like to see targeted:

Josh Harding, 25 - $2.2 million offer. Minnesota just gave Backstrom a $6 million per season extension, so I'm not sure they'd want a $2 million dollar back up. The compensation would be a 2nd round pick which would be well worth it for the talented, young goalie. If we get that monster out of Sweden scratch this idea.

Dave Bolland, 23 - $2.2 million offer. I like that number because you don't have to compensate with a 1st round pick. Chicago will definitely match this offer, but who knows, they have other pirorities like RFA's Versteeg, Barker, Brouwer, and Eager. Bolland might be more of a priority than the latter, in this case I would offer up Ben Eager $2 million. You're overpaying and giving up a 2nd rounder but getting a Brian Burke type of player.

Ville Leino, 25 - $1.1 million. Suppose Hossa is re-signed and Huddler, Leino could be a cap casualty. $1.1 million isn't a lot but it might be too much for the Red Wings, and for a 3rd round pick we could grab a pretty good 25 year old player for our roster.

Matt Hunwick, 24 - $2.2 million. Depending on what happens with Boston's other guys, Kessel and Kreijci, they could be really pressed. Hunwick is a good young d-man, and could be a nice steal.

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