Monday, July 6, 2009

Leafs sign Beauchemin

Brian Burke signed Francois Beauchemin today to a 3 year deal worth $3.8 million per season.

So now you figure he's got to make some moves. Look at the glut of defense he has:

Tomas Kaberle - could be traded, but only if the return is substantial
Mike Komisarek - not going anywhere
Francois Beauchemin - not going anywhere
Luke Schenn - not going anywhere
Ian White - could be traded
Mike VanRyn - could be traded
Garnett Exelby - could be flipped but I hear they were big on him, hence the Kubina trade
Jeff Finger - could be demoted, maybe traded but not likely
Jonas Frogren - could be demoted/traded
Anton Stralman - could start the year off in the minors
Phil Oreskovich - will probably start off in the minors.

So there's 11 NHL worthy d-men.


pezzz said...

The most logical candidate to be traded is Kaberle of couse, given his high trade value, but I see Burke holding on him. Van Ryn will be traded to a team seeking depth and Finger sent to the minors.

If I was Burke, I'd trade Kaberle right now. I have a bad feeling about all this. I see Kabs refusing once again a trade at the deadline, and the bolting to Detroit as a UFA. Lidstrom will probably be retired in 2 years, and they'll be seeking a top puck-mover.

Chris said...

I kinda like Van Ryn if he can stay healthy, and we'll sure need his shot if Kabs goes. Finger to the minors though? I dunno, he was a good shot blocker and did a lot of hitting last year, I think he stays up.
I disagree about Kabs, I think he stays in Toronto if our future looks bright at UFA time and he's still here. He loves this team despite being constantly talked about in trades.