Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Rumours

Just looking through the internet and listening as always to hockeycentral at noon, here are some rumours out there:

1. Peter Mueller available?
21 year old Coyote player scored about 80 pts in 50 games in his last year of junior, then busted out a 54 point rookie year as a 19 year old. I'd say he's got some amazing value, I don't know why his name has been in so many rumours? Last year he had a sophomore slump and dipped to 36 point, and this year he's off to a terrible start with only 4 points 22 games. So he's struggling, and although I still think he has potential to be a really good player, I guess Phoenix has enough young talent that they could afford to deal him for something else that could help them more now and get them into the playoffs.

2. Blackhawks looking to move Sopel and a pick/prospect:
This one makes perfect sense, since they need to get someone salary off the books from next year to get Keith, Toews, and Kane under contract. The Hawks are pretty deep on the blueline so Brent Sopel is pretty expendable, I think they'll be able to get something done, its just up to whats the least they'll have to give with Sopel to get rid of him, so they'll shop around. Leafs linked to this one, and Hawks scouts were at the last Leafs game.

3. Lee Stempniak being shopped?
Well this is a new one. I like Lee a lot, but for all the talent he appears to have a lot of the time, his production really isn't that great. He doesn't seem to have a ton of finish, he drives to the net, he gets loose pucks in the corners, he throws the odd big hit, and finishes his check regularly, but his production is just so-so, he should be like a 40 point guy (give or take). Since he's UFA in the offseason I could see there being a couple teams interested in him as a rental maybe closer to the deadline. He is a pretty good player.

4. Bobby Ryan?
Whats the deal here? Something about his contract extension talks not going well, he's a pending RFA, and the Ducks are near the bottom, so I can see some validity to this rumour. On the other hand, Ryan is an amazing guy to build a winner with, and still so young, he's a keeper. If negotiations get to the point where its just obvious that Ryan wants out, then maybe something might happen, but I think more likely in the offseason, if anything.

5. Oveckin for depth at centre, solid 3-4 defensman, and secondary scoring?
Yep. This rumour is really heating up, after having reported it here first a few weeks ago, I've received several comments.

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