Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Top goons who may be available this summer:

Here are some guys who have been involved in trade rumours who were not moved at the deadline, or players who are scheduled to become UFA's this summer. These are all power forwards, gritty feisty guys, or straight up thugs:

Bobby Ryan - Ducks will most likely keep him, but he's an RFA. 22 years old, and tons of potential, he's a filthy sniper who plays with a big time edge. Could become available if contract talks stall in Anaheim.

Nathan Horton - 3 more years at a $4 million cap hit. This guy's name has been in rumours for over a year now. He's tough and talented, and still just 24. Could take a lot to get him out of Florida but I have to consider him on this list because of all the rumours.

Scott Hartnell - 3 years left at $4.2 million, and all over the trade rumours. He's still a Flyer, but could be available. Hartnell is a guy who can score up around 30 goals, and 60 points on a good year, and most importantly he's a beast. He's in your face, hits, fights, gets in the crease. He's a guy you hate to play against.

Dustin Penner - This guy has got 23 or 24 goals on the year so far. Hits hard, skates hard. 26 years old, and 2 years left on his $4.25 million contract. Oilers could move him to free up cap space for other moves.

Todd Bertuzzi - Don't be fooled by his fancy hands, he still hits and plays a mean game. He's not what he was 5 years ago, but still a grizzled vet.

Evgeny Artyukin - "The Animal" is a beast. Not a ton of finish but can move and hits everything. this guy is a pure energy player and a giant. Also he can drop the gloves with the best of 'em. UFA in July.

Wade Belak - Guess who's a UFA. Do I really need to describe this guy?

Keith Tkachuk - Old man. Still awesome. Tough in the corners, drives the net. One of the dirtiest players off all time doesn't score 40 goals a year anymore, and doesn't get suspensions for cross checking guys in the throat anymore. But he'll still make an impact on the game with his physical play.

Scott Walker - 36, not so productive anymore but brings that veteran 4th line physical presence. He's a UFA

Derek Boogaard - Falls into the 'thug' category. Boogie man is a whopping 6'8" and around 260lbs. He is not a fast skater but can make an impact on a game by the way he pushes around opponents, fights, and hits. He's a UFA on july 1st.

Joffrey Lupul - His name bounced around in rumours earlier this year. He's also bounced around a little himself going from the Ducks to the Oilers (for Pronger) to the Flyers (for Pitkanen) and back to the ducks (....for Pronger, again). He's 25, underachieving, and earning $4.25 million for 3 more seasons. But he's got some finish and he hits hard.

Owen Nolan - Grizzled old vet still got some fight in him. He'll drop the gloves, chip in with some big slap shot goals, and finish his check... hard! Owen Nolan is tough SOB. UFA this summer.

Jody Shelley - Pure enforcer, now 33 years old and UFA in July. He's a scrapper.

Ryan Malone - He's been in trade rumours ever since he signed that lucrative 7 year deal. The 30 year old still has 5 years left at a $4.5 million cap hit which makes him available. He's a big guy and he gets his gritty goals.

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