Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mike Modano, not in Dallas???

Mike Modano is a pimp. I love this guy, he's my brothers all time favourite player, and a future hall of famer. He has recently said that he will look at all his options this summer. This is very strange, to me, you look at a guy like Modano who has played 20 seasons with the (North)/Stars organization and you think of him as a Stevie Y, Mario Lemieux, Joe Sakic. Were talking about a short list of guys who played amazing careers all with the same team.

But things are slightly different for Modano compared to Yzerman and Sakic. Modano for starters only won 1 Cup compared to Sakic and Yzerman who passed it back and forth to eachother for a decade. Modano was not the captain of the Stars when they won (Hatcher), and Modano was stripped of the 'C' a couple of years ago. If you as me, Mike has not been shown the type of respect he deserves from that organization and for that reason I think it would be okay if he did leave.

In a recent article I read on TSN, Modano was quoted, saying that he will probably wait a few weeks after free agency starts and see how things are looking and then pick a competitive team to play for. Could you see him in a Red Wings jersey, how about Penguins (if they move Jordan Staal), or maybe in Washington? Let's see who the Sharks bring back and re-sign, maybe there will be a fit for Modano in San Jose? Either way it will be bizarre to see a guy who I grew up watching, wearing a different jersey.

I know it doesn't really fit the whole 'contender' thing but I'd love to see this guy in a Leafs jersey, that would be amazing. But I think its pretty unlikely.

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