Saturday, July 10, 2010

Long term NHL contracts are BS!!!

So apparently Lou Lamerello may be offering Kovalchuk a 17 year contract worth $100 million. That would be a cap hit of just under $6 mil per season. This is outright cheating, just like the Hossa contract.

This contract would take Kovalchuk up until he's 43 years old, he will almost certainly retire with 5 or more years remaining on this deal. What the hell? I would just offer him a huge contract: 50 years and $151 million. I'd pay him $132 million over the first 12 years of the deal ($11 million per season), then and then drop that to $500 thousand for the next 38 years. His cap hit would be just over $3 million! And we'd have him until he's 76! This is really no different from what New Jersey is proposing, and what Chicago is doing.

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