Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leafs pre-season

Last nights game was bad. Here's a few quick thoughts:

- Lebda and Lashoff were not impressive at all. I was expecting more out of those guys. Of course it was only 1 game.

- Christian Hanson was really good! I'm all turned around on this guy

- Brayden Irwin and Marcel Mueller: These guys weren't great, but they are huge bodies, I wouldn't mind seeing one of them take a roster spot. Irwin was actually one of the best Leafs

- Mike Brown is quickly becoming one of my favourite players. I hope he can keep this up

- Nazem Kadri was pretty good

- Dion Phaneuf... was bad

- Tomas Kaberle was by far the best player on the team

- Jussi Rynnas, judging by his 1/2 game only, does not look NHL ready

Its only been 1 pre-season game, no big deal, these were my thoughts, I'll write about tonights game too.

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