Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Leafs Forwards

Continuing with the Leafs I'll post potential lines for their forwards:

In the paper today the possible lines were listed like this:

Blake - Antropov - Steen
Hagman - Grabovski - Kulemin
Tlusty - Stajan - Mayers
Poni - Moore - Devereux

Spare: Bell

Well I find this kind of laughable. I kind of like what they have going on on the top 2 lines, but Mark Bell out of the line up? Pfffff. And Ron Wilson said he might want to get some type of grind line going which would feature Jamal Mayers, possibly Nik Hagman, although Hagman might be used in a scoring position on the top line. Here's my lines:

Hagman - Antropov - Steen (all feisty, tough, smart defensively, solid 2 way line)
Blake - Grabovski - Kulemin (need for speed, some good scoring potential)
Poni - Bell - Mayers (Grind line, tough, fast, though Poni's gotta step up the physical stuff)
Tlusty - Stajan - Moore (don't worry all you Stajan lovers, I see this team rolling 4 solid and Matty will get out there on the PK)

Spare: Devereux (interchangeable with Moore)

Penalty Killing units:

Antropov - Hagman
Finger - Kubina

Stajan - Steen
Kaberle - Frogren

Moore - Mayers
Finger - Kubina

Power Play Units:

Hagman - Antropov - Blake
Kaberle - Kubina

Poni - Stajan - Steen
Colaiacovo - Stralman (assuming McCabe is gone)

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