Monday, July 7, 2008

Leafs Re-Sign Stajan/Power Forwards in the North West

Matt Stajan signed a 2 year deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs worth $3.5 million over 2 years. Alex Steen who is probably worth more to the Leafs and has more first line potential signed an extension a few month's ago worth $3.4 million over 2 years proving that it pays to wait it out until the summer. Although that little bit of money doesn't really make a big difference.

Two veteran power forwards signed out west with Bertuzzi going to Calgary and Nolan going to the Minnesota Wild. I like these signings for both teams, I thought Nolan was really good last year in the playoffs and probably still has some good hockey left in him. His deal was worth $2.75 million on average per season for 2 years while Bertuzzi's deal is worth $1.95 million for one year, a very affordable signing for the Flames.

As it stands right now the West is looking really strong here are some free agents still lingering out there and speculation on where they might sign:

Pavol Demitra: Canucks - reason being the Gillis connection
Florida Panthers - reason being the Panthers need for a #1 Centre after dealing away Jokinen and the rumours from earlier in June that Demitra would be most intersted in signing with a Southern, warmer city.

Brendan Shanahan - Earlier speculation that the Red Wings would bring him back seems to be done since they don't have the cap space or roster space after signing Hossa and still having to get Filppula under contract (scheduled for arbitration). It's also been said that the Rangers don't have any room to bring Shanahan back.

So where will Shanahan end up? He could be a good fit in Pittsburgh with Roberts gone, especially if he wants to play for a team that should be in contention again. Other then that I haven't really heard anything about Shanahan but I'll keep you posted.

Keep checking this blog I'll be adding more UFA's to this list and updating throughout the summer.

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