Monday, July 14, 2008


After only 2 seasons back in the NHL Ted Nolan was fired by Garth Snow today for what Snow called "philosophical differences".

So for the record, that's three seasons in the NHL for Nolan and he's been fired after 2 of them. There has to be more to this story, Nolan got the Islanders into the playoffs when no one thought they would in 2007 (almost no one, Doc Hock? Yeah I sniped that before the season started) and then had a bad season this past year, but this time with a very depleted line up. That Islanders team missed the playoffs despite coaching.

This is very surprising and after hearing Jason Blakes comments raving about Nolan, and apparetnly everyone who has played for this guy says he is really a great coach, this seems like an odd move by an odd organization.

So now we have some questions?

Is there behind the scenes reasons for his firing like in Buffalo over a decade ago? (I think No. The comments made by Nolan and Snow seemed to indicate they're leaving eachother on good terms).

Is anyone going to hire Nolan again, or is his character going to be questioned around the league?(My guess is yes, how do you win the Jack Adams trophy and also get fired, only to return years later and immediately lose your job again?!)

Who is going to coach the Islanders? (My hope is Paul Maurice, I think he's a really smart guy and he deserves another shot. I think with the right mix of guys he can get average players to do great things. Maybe he'd be a good fit on the Island).

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