Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Remaining UFA's and where they might go:

There's still a few players that could be useful to some teams, let's get right to it:

Grizzled Veterans

Kevyn Adams - Here's a guy who is still 33, didn't really have his best season with Chicago, he wasn't really a force with Phoenix, I would say he played his last good hockey with the 'Canes a few years ago but he could still provide some cheap 4th line help to a team looking to fill a roster spot. He has worn the "A" in his career and kills penalties.

I'll throw a guess out there for Kevyn, ummmm...... Pittsburgh doesn't like the looks of their depth at training camp and Shero signs Adams to a 1 year deal in September.

Stephane Yelle - Same type of guy as Adams. I would say at 34 Yelle still actually has a lot to offer. I thought he was excellent in the playoffs last year, and Yelle has always been a good playoff type guy. He only scored 3 goals in 74 games last year as a 4th liner with the Flames, but scored 2 in the playoffs in 7 games.

I really think he should be picked up by someone, maybe the Red Wings to replace Dallas Drake as a 4th liner....? Maybe the Dallas Stars if Stu Barnes retires? (*Note on Stu, he hasn't said this publicaly but my friend talked to him and Stu said he would only play for Dallas or retire, he doesn't feel like moving his family right now.)

Yannick Perrault - I know everyone thinks he's the greatest face-off man since sliced bread. But keep in mind, his percentage is outstanding because he only takes 10 draws a night, and wins 7. The real top two faceoff men in the league (not just according to me but also the SUN media poll, in which 300+ players and managers were polled) are Rod Brind'Amour, and Mats Sundin. As for Yannick, he didn't look good with Chicago last year, maybe at 37 years old if he's willing to take on a defensive role somewhere, he can still play.

Same thing with Adams and Yelle, Yannick is a decent depth pick up, and I could see him going somewhere as late as October or even in November. Another possibility - retire.

Peter Forsberg - 34 years old, and I want to emphasize the word "old". If Peter still feels the way he did before he'd be most comfortable with a multi year deal. Why wouldn't he? With his health that's the best way to ensure more finacial security.

I want to say he'll go back to Colorado or just play in Sweden or retire. But who knows, what's the market for Forsberg now? He put up over an assist per game with Avs last season, he obviously can still play. Maybe some team will offer him $3-4 million per season on a 2 year deal.

Under 30's

Jason Williams - What's wrong with this guy? Does anybody know? He's still only 27 years old. Maybe he wants way too much money, but I'm shocked no one has jumped on him. In 2006 with the Red Wings he put up 58 points! Then he bounced around in 2007 between Philadephia and Chicago and registered just 32 points. But then last year in an injury plagued season he posted close to a point per game 36 poitns in 43 games. Thats a 70 point pace last I checked.

This guy was high on my radar going into free agency and I still think whoever gets him is getting a good heads up centreman and product of the Detroit Red Wings organization. I would like to say he should play for the Leafs but Cliff seems to be done with free agency. Good fit anywhere though.

Joseph Vasicek - He'll be 28 by the time the season starts, he put up 36 points as one of the Islanders top scorers last year. I still think for someone willing to take a shot, he could be affordable and could still regain his touch that saw him score 45 points under Maurice's Hurricanes in 2004.

No speculation, might even go to Europe.

Okay well that's it for today.

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